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Tuesday, 4 September 2018


prime light
first sun on skin
bodacious, eternal
before stingy controllers marred
our path

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Wax Poetic Interview for My New Poetry Book

I had a blast being interviewed about my new book, Rainforest in Russet, by the amazing literary team Pamela Bentley and R.C. Weslowski! You can catch the half hour discussion commercial free at this link: Cynthia Sharp on Wax Poetic Radio

Friday, 31 August 2018

July Blossoms

the way the light feels first thing in the morning
before the neighbor starts to smoke
or chores are remembered
just us, cool air, seagulls and eagles,
all the scents of flowers on the wind
and a whole Sunday stretched out ahead

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

How to Market Your Work

I had a fabulous time being interviewed along side Charles Clifford Brooks on the Michael Amidei show. Charles is pure inspiration, totally worth checking out!

How to Market Your Work - The Michael Amidei Show

These are some of the details we spoke about. I truly believe in balance, rest, self-care and harmony of inner and outer worlds. I think that writing and creative time need to be prioritized ahead of marketing and that we need to respect our personal limits. So, that being said, I also have a lot of fun when it comes time to launch a book. My newest full length poetry collection, Rainforest in Russet, has been getting me a lot of invitations to readings, radio shows and podcasts, including this one which focussed on the role of marketing and what authors can do to help sell and publicize their poetry books. The advice I give in the above podcast regarding working with Amazon's algorithms is to choose one specific hour on one specific day to get all of your friends, family and connections to buy your new release from Amazon and be ready to watch the numbers and ratings on your book's Amazon page and get a screenshot when you see your numbers jump. Within about 3 hours of the sales, your Amazon rankings will reflect the change and hopefully you will see your book climb the charts in your categories. Amazon bestseller lists update hourly, so one way to break out into the charts in your specific categories is to get a large number of sales within one hour, any hour and be watching so that you can see it happen. If you have an ebook in the Amazon Kindle program, it helps to take advantage of all the free giveaway days because they count as sales and help your numbers climb the charts, which can lead to more publicity, sales and profit, especially if you promote your free giveaway days in appropriate Facebook groups. That's how my ebook How to Write Poetry reached the number 1 place in its category and held it for a long time, then brought in sales money. Of course, I'm careful to always read the about section and rules in any Facebook group I join or promote in and follow them because this isn't just about one book - it's about building respectful relationships on a lifelong journey. Reciprocity is what it's all about and with Amazon, reviews generate sales. One of the things my publisher did for me with my How to Write Poetry ebook to get the reviews going was three and four way review exchanges of verified purchases (actual real sales from Amazon). This meant that my publisher reviewed writer A's book, writer A reviewed writer B's book, writer B reviewed writer C's book and writer C reviewed our book so that it's not as easy for Amazon to see that we are helping each other with legitimate reviews. If we're reviewing ebooks we need to read them all the way through because Amazon can see if they've been read, I've been told. As well, setting up Amazon giveaways has been helpful in building up followers so that now when I release a new book, I already have interested readers. Finally, I use all the free websites available, like having a Goodreads author page, doing blog exchanges with other writers and offering a short free sample or bonus material to readers when I post about my book on Facebook and Twitter, so that's it's not just one more announcement that I have a book. These are some of the strategies that have helped get books onto bestselling lists.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Rainforest In Russet Full Length Poetry Book Is Out

A tapestry of spirituality and nature set on the west coast of North America in the Cascadia rainforests, this full length poetry collection embodies the grace found in the wisdom of ancient trees as a way of moving through love, grief, sorrow and rebirth. $5.99 US Thanks for your support!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Chemical Collision

They tell me that he married –
I dream about him,
a wizard on a bridge
juggling just one ball,
looking back at me
the way the body remembers.