Saturday, 2 May 2020

After Heartbreak

maturity, perseverance
the peace and rest of marrying solitude  
sleeping with laptops and freedom
the quiescence of this second best life 
making a run for first place
the calm of pastel yellow walls
as I finally live
in the nirvana of characters
the stories I write just for me
because they are soul
yearning to be spoken

I Just Want It To Be Wednesday

I just want it to be Wednesday
and spring poetry
sounds and smells of ordinary 
the normalcy of Byron across the street
playfully shovelling top soil in his garden
to fertilize summer crops 
the possibility that it’s okay

permission to live simply
to enjoy the wealth of books I have
Audre Lorde this afternoon
healing recovery   breathing 
handling what we reasonably can
to cultivate deep meaning
with a small number of people

I just want this to be Wednesday 
in the sunlight with cherry trees
to curl up in bed with the partner 
I’m still hoping for 
and tell him everything I loved 
about our life
clasp hands and remember 
all the funny moments of our decades
knowing we are blessed
to have shared it all

scoop handfuls of yellow split peas
and drop them slowly into a silver pot
to boil into carrot cabbage soup
with a dollop of real butter
and a sprinkle of Atlantic sea salt
time for dishes   the comfort of washing
grateful for electricity and running water
palms and wrists in hot water
biodegradable fragrance-free soap 
bubbling in the air 

the right to calm, to sabbatical
even if only a day, a week, a month
maternity leave for self-care 
fewer atmospheric pollutants
this summer a break for the Earth
from the intensity of fires
simple pleasures
Wednesday amid cherry blossoms


It’s time for billionaires to donate their excess 
to hospitals and vaccine research,
for state funded higher education all the way up
and a guaranteed annual income for every citizen
in a rental space larger than a jail cell,
for homelessness to be a rare personal choice
if it continues to exist at all,
for everyone who wishes to self-actualize
as a professor, service provider, stay at home caregiver 
or whatever each unique set 
of aptitudes and desires manifests,
to embrace fullness for all, a culture of security
without anyone slipping through cracks,
fewer chasms to fall into and help for those who do,
to value service above extremes of individual wealth,   
to rest in work/life balance.    

It’s time to make Canada and every country 
decent for all,
to switch over quickly to green energy,  
celebrate the Earth breathing,
in this rest from our exhaust,
this reprieve from air travel pollution,
give thanks for all those tasting clean air
 for the first time over Beijing,
watch in amazement as whales glide into inlets,
now that we’ve eased up 
on our flurry of noisy boat traffic,
to save the planet and our well-being,
to see that we can do both
and when it’s finally safe,
to walk in sunlight and cherry blossoms,
let sea wind moisturize my skin
and once again dip bare feet 
in the swoosh of waves over the shore.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Kernels of Light

plinking piano notes
shiver like falling stars 
spiral in a universe of twinkling atoms
patterns unveiled into galaxies
vibrations of sound into colour 
meteors prayers through time
pieces of brokenness sun within shade
pages open to light
story itself a phoenix 
rising anew from the ashes of the old 
the forgotten elevating into candescence

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Live from your Centre

Peace is how I treat myself,
including the right to maintain it,
to stay
with self, nature, focus, freedom
without interruption,
the culture of frenzy vanished
for real life 
trees outdoors harmony
chosen thoughts
like a spring crocus bursting through ice, 
roots and buds holding strong
at both ends of the spectrum.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Garden Ballerina

The pink umbrella fairy 
dances in the sun as well as the rain, 
strawberry curls at one with the wind,
her three-year-old 
arabesques and pirouettes
ever a poem 
for the soft orange cat
waiting in lavender and chives 
by the clay birdbath,
the day’s bright yellow
resurgence of permission to be.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Softness of Autumn

I step into the day
among trees 
who quietly hold our wonder 
the questions I once sought answers to
now rest as poems
elegant in the mystery
of existence
like a soft light over the Italian countryside
an appeal to dance 
in the rhythms of nature 
restored to self 
reasonable expectations      an invitation home