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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Wildfires by Guest Poet Nicky Penz, AKA Crispy Cookie

What the heck has happened to this earth?
It always looks like you are standing in front of a hearth 
are full of liars 
That do not care
About the air
They throw their cigarette 
And have no regret
No respect for the habitat 
No animal is safe, not even a bat 
The wildfires emit way too much smoke 
I was constantly beginning to choke 
The animals are losing their homes
Soon, they will only be a pile of bones
There were once forests full of wood 
But they burned where they stood
They fell because fire burned their roots
And they all turned to soot
We used to roast hot dogs over a fire
But now, the situation is dire
Fires raged all last summer
For the citizens, this was a real bummer
The smoke traveled all the way to my home
It surrounded it like a dome
I could barely see, the sun was blocked
The smoke settled in, like it was docked
Global warming has an impact
I am surprised that the world is still intact
Some people don’t care about the trees
But they realize what they’ve done when they must pay the fees
Trees, bees, they will all soon be gone
They will all have died by the break of dawn 
We need animals to survive
But with these fires, they cannot thrive 
The firefighters battle these monsters 
The ones that destroyed many buildings that cost us thousands of dollars


  1. Bravo! well written and a strong statement!

  2. This is a strong poem. I liked the way you showed how wildfires affect the environment and how people have no idea what these fires will cause. This is definitely a cautionary poem! Very well done and keep writing.

  3. Nicky, your poem shows how recklessness by people can turn into disaster and put our planet in danger. I like your poem very much. George in Michigan.

  4. Nicky well done & keep on writing okay thanks.

  5. Poet Dianne Forbes Compton left this beautiful message that may have disappeared do to a technical glitch:

    Dear Nicky,

    Wonderful. You write very well and are already using poetry as a way to express outrage at the danger that others pose to our planet and to us. I look forward to reading more of your work!

    Best regards,

    Dianne Forbes Compton

  6. Hmm. Not sure what happened, Cynthia, but blessings for posting that!

  7. Poet and philosopher Stanley Phillips said that, "Nicky (Crispy) did an excellent poem on an environmental concern. Thanks for sharing Cynthia."

  8. Poet Mary Fahey says:

    Your poem was a pleasure to read. I was amazed at its length and the many strong images you included. Through your lines I understand your strong awareness of wildfires and the problems they cause. One line I really liked is "The smoke settled in, like it was docked."

  9. Artist and poet Rogr Lee noted, "That’s amazingly written."

  10. Nicky, I like your astute observations, your solid rhyme and the tone and passion of this poem. An alarm must be sounded to warn of the negligent doom of thoughtless mankind, we need to coexist with Nature, showing respect and providing space for the animals. Thank you for writing this poem, write on dear poet !