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Saturday, 10 March 2018

I Am A Dog by Guest Poet Alex Penz

I am a dog
I live in a bog
I have no home
So I just roam
But every day I have to move
So I get into the groove
That when the sun comes up and we hear the sound
No animal is safe not even in the ground
Not a bear, bunny, or bird is out
But as you can probably guess there is no time to pout
We are the animals of the wild 
I know my poetry is mild
but now I must leave again 
To escape those terrible men 
That cut down our trees
And scare all the bees, 
The ones that pollute our air,
And do not care
about the birds and their chicks, 
the ones that snap the sticks 
that could grow into trees
And the thing is, they gladly destroy them in a breeze
This is the problem that I’d like to address
Yes this is the problem that I’d like to address, indeed this mess
This is a mess that we can fix 
Yes you and I in this giant animal mix
We can fix it if our voices are heard,
But not just by a bear, bunny, or bird
We need this heard all over the the world 
We can’t just just let it be tossed out and curled,
This is a problem that must be solved 
And quick before our entire world is dissolved.
We must do this quick
And one of the best ways to do this is to go electronic 
Now you might be asking, “Well how does that help?”
And my answer would be “just like how fossil fuels and their carbon dioxide affect the kelp”
They affect the forests too
And this may not occur to you but this will help you


  1. love this... my favourite lines are "This is a mess that we can fix
    Yes you and I in this giant animal mix" ... great art to go with the poem. Keep writing!

  2. Alex, I like your poem a lot. Especially where your write: "The ones that pollute our air,
    And do not care
    about the birds and their chicks,
    the ones that snap the sticks
    that could grow into trees"

    I hope you keep writing poetry.

  3. Hello Alex,

    You have an excellent ear for rhyme and I like the fact that your poem deals with nature and wildlife.

    Not all humans destroy things but to be aware of those who do is a wise move.

    I greatly enjoyed reading this. Well done.

    Dianne Forbes Compton

  4. This poem is a poem of warning, giving a voice to the voiceless victims of environmental neglect, by the greedy profiteers. If their homes and families were threatened we would hear no end of it, but the shoe is on the other foot(and or paw & claw) and they need our help and indignant voice to stop this carnage.
    You point is acknowledged and appreciated, your poetry is meaningful and I pray it will be effective to bring about a greater awareness for this matter, Write on dear poet, write on !

    Dennis White (Michigan poet & friend)

  5. We need more strong young voices like yours. Well done!

  6. Alex nice poem & nice to met ya but I'm more of a cat lover I'll remind ya of that okay but when I was very little however I was a dog lover!:))))