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Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Rainforest In Russet Full Length Poetry Book Is Out

A tapestry of spirituality and nature set on the west coast of North America in the Cascadia rainforests, this full length poetry collection embodies the grace found in the wisdom of ancient trees as a way of moving through love, grief, sorrow and rebirth. $5.99 US Thanks for your support!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Chemical Collision

They tell me that he married –
I dream about him,
a wizard on a bridge
juggling just one ball,
looking back at me
the way the body remembers.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Light Bearers in the Sand Dollar Graviton Part 1 is on the Shelves

Like many poets, I've tried my hand at a prose poetry novel, meaning the story includes lyrical description and rhythmic sentences along with a sense of adventure. Part 1 is officially out for readers who want to get a head start. It's not the whole story, which will be coming out in instalments, along with a fully complete novel in the fall.

Marcie Anderson has always yearned to understand her mysterious origins, so when Grandma tells her that on her thirteenth birthday, she can open the locket that will answer all her questions, she jumps right in. There is no turning back when she learns she is a Light Bearer and the only person who can rescue Zanfry Zabadon Starlight from the planet of machines where an evil princess is holding him hostage.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

As I Let Go

amber cradle
moves closer
end of life blessing
half moon
full circle

Saturday, 10 March 2018

I Am A Dog by Guest Poet Alex Penz

I am a dog
I live in a bog
I have no home
So I just roam
But every day I have to move
So I get into the groove
That when the sun comes up and we hear the sound
No animal is safe not even in the ground
Not a bear, bunny, or bird is out
But as you can probably guess there is no time to pout
We are the animals of the wild 
I know my poetry is mild
but now I must leave again 
To escape those terrible men 
That cut down our trees
And scare all the bees, 
The ones that pollute our air,
And do not care
about the birds and their chicks, 
the ones that snap the sticks 
that could grow into trees
And the thing is, they gladly destroy them in a breeze
This is the problem that I’d like to address
Yes this is the problem that I’d like to address, indeed this mess
This is a mess that we can fix 
Yes you and I in this giant animal mix
We can fix it if our voices are heard,
But not just by a bear, bunny, or bird
We need this heard all over the the world 
We can’t just just let it be tossed out and curled,
This is a problem that must be solved 
And quick before our entire world is dissolved.
We must do this quick
And one of the best ways to do this is to go electronic 
Now you might be asking, “Well how does that help?”
And my answer would be “just like how fossil fuels and their carbon dioxide affect the kelp”
They affect the forests too
And this may not occur to you but this will help you

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Wildfires by Guest Poet Nicky Penz, AKA Crispy Cookie

What the heck has happened to this earth?
It always looks like you are standing in front of a hearth 
are full of liars 
That do not care
About the air
They throw their cigarette 
And have no regret
No respect for the habitat 
No animal is safe, not even a bat 
The wildfires emit way too much smoke 
I was constantly beginning to choke 
The animals are losing their homes
Soon, they will only be a pile of bones
There were once forests full of wood 
But they burned where they stood
They fell because fire burned their roots
And they all turned to soot
We used to roast hot dogs over a fire
But now, the situation is dire
Fires raged all last summer
For the citizens, this was a real bummer
The smoke traveled all the way to my home
It surrounded it like a dome
I could barely see, the sun was blocked
The smoke settled in, like it was docked
Global warming has an impact
I am surprised that the world is still intact
Some people don’t care about the trees
But they realize what they’ve done when they must pay the fees
Trees, bees, they will all soon be gone
They will all have died by the break of dawn 
We need animals to survive
But with these fires, they cannot thrive 
The firefighters battle these monsters 
The ones that destroyed many buildings that cost us thousands of dollars

Saturday, 3 March 2018


the rain, the quiet, the taste of bergamot…
home is reading on Sunday afternoons
wherever I am safe

All of us have a place within, a nirvana, a connection with the divine inside and beyond. In old Spanish, it is called querencia, a space that is your own, where your soul finds peace even away from home. It is an alcove within where you are your most authentic, peaceful self, a harbor where you recharge, safe in every way, with no pressure to speak or explain. The place where you are your deepest, truest self. Where you hear your thoughts and inner light. Where you can plan and rest. Where you can stay as long as you’d like until you choose to venture back out into the larger arena of life.
Every September when I open a new grade eleven class, I ask the students to write about their favorite setting – their room, a corner of the library, the forest, the beach, somewhere they go with friends or alone as our first descriptive writing assignment. I still remember everyone’s querencia from all my decades of teaching, ever in awe of the light of their beings and the privilege it is to be trusted with knowing such beauty.
I do the assignments myself too. I have a couple of places that are a needed querencia for me – a walk in a sunlit forest or along the ocean shoreline when the waves are crashing exuberantly, then coming home and reading peacefully with a cup of earl grey tea, when I have the whole afternoon and evening to my thoughts and writing, the way it is to commune with the best of books. My three line poem above alludes to my personal querencia.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Falling Stars

In the starlight of your ashes,
a newly blossoming plumeria flower,
how you would lie beside me
and when I gently awoke
tell me what I had said in my sleep,
a communion of adoration that continues
beyond your earth walk –
rose petals at midnight,
passionate and infinite 
strength of tender beauty.

Continuing After You

the colors of morning
deep beet merging into rich green
the sound of water meeting a teabag
tasting snow
sea air
this moment
purple sky and words
this little heart in sun