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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

For All Our Dreams

The white misted sky opens 
to reveal a cerulean canvas,
bluebells in the wind,
ladybugs in lavender.
The strength of spring unfolds into summer,
shedding fears with the retreating winter.
Like butterflies returned from the future,
spirits flying ahead, 
we go forward to answer our calling.


  1. Ahh Cynthia now your adding bluebells & ladybugs all in one poem? I love it!:}}}} Very sweet but fun none the less!:}}}}}}} Love your picture & say aren't those whales? Anyways what can I say but beautiful!:}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. Thanks Mike! "what can I say but beautiful!" That's how I feel about this incredible planet we are blessed to be part of.

  3. Glory be to God & to Cynthia too!:)🐹

  4. Your poems have been beautifully crafted. (

  5. Yes Cynthia's Poems are beautifully crafted!:) Even from the ground up!:)