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Tuesday, 6 September 2016


a freely chosen adult life
the moon in an artist’s palette
the softness of washing
yellow basin
fuchsia clothes
hands dipping in water
a rhapsody of flute notes


  1. Cynthia your'e a nightingale yourself!:}}}}} Who loves the moon the stars & all the above!:}}} Oh 20 years ago this month I think it was mid september of that year You had an interview with 2 Author's of Chicken Soup for the soul but it was not in the production area of the station but in the closed circit room started with the door opened but by the time you got ready for the interview the door was locked!:}}}}}} Took about 5 minutes for Dylan to open it up again!:}}}}}

  2. Wow you have a good memory! I kept a copy of that interview with the inspirational Barry Spilchuck right up until my last move when I recycled my radio tapes. It was a honour to interview him. We prerecorded it because he wasn't able to come in live. It's funny though, I don't remember the part about the door being locked - I must have been so focussed on my interview questions! Those were great times! I especially remember your excellent station ID promos.