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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Winter Tapestry

In silvered cedar lies the hope
the garden gives to all, 
inviting realm of peace 
in the depths of winter soil.
The tears and memories and hands
of all that went before
listen for movement in stillness,
Earthen darkness spun to ochre 
like consciousness birthed into light.  

Waiting for the sky to take back the rain,
for pale blue and forest green,
tips of twigs shimmer violet and teal,
reminiscent of swift hummingbirds, 
diving beak first into an aqua pool. 
Like the burst of flavour 
in a succulent slice of orange, 
you almost hear them calling,
Yemaya already sketching 
the nectar to blossom.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Inviting Jesus to Tea

When Jesus enters the circle,
dress casual and warm.
Allow spaces 
for his wisdom.
Keep on smudging 
sweetgrass and sage.
Invite him to dance –
He is a relation.

When he stays for tea,
wear mauve, 
use the best china,
keep on praying, 
and massage his feet –
He’s probably tired
of what’s been done
in his name.

Inviting Jesus to Tea was inspired by an experience in a Medicine Circle on Vancouver Island. We were called upon to invite all our relations, when the spirit of my maternal grandmother brought Jesus with her into the Aboriginal healing ceremony, compelling me to be in unison with all the parts of who I am. 

The mixture of capital and small letters in the pronouns relating to Jesus is intentional. There is a sense of reverence woven in with an appreciation for his humanity.

First published in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, September, 2012