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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thank You

A huge thank you to my friends, students and readers through the world. I am honoured to have visitors from so many countries! 
Blessings & Light, Cynthia

Saturday, 10 May 2014


If we’d had the relationship
and it didn’t work out,
we’d just have ourselves to blame,
or let life be,
but to be stolen away
and never get to live the story,
that is the heartache
I don’t know how
to let go.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Crescent Moon

I am so honoured that my dear friend Jouna Jou translated my poem Crescent Moon, originally published in Cradle Our Spirit emagazine, into Arabic! A gifted poetess and translator, Jouna Jou enhanced the beauty in her Arabic version!

Crescent Moon

the relief of the waves
slowing to a heartbeat
the tranquility of branches
in pastel hues of sky
rhythms of winter 
subsiding to spring 
like light from an ended star

the seashore blessed
in caramel and lilac shells
like Aurora Borealis
sprinkled across the sand
brave bare soles and paws
taste the cool ripples
the strength of kindness
in every changing season

هلال القمر

هدوء الامواج يتباطئ
بطء ضربات القلوب
و سكون الاوراق
كالوان الباستيل في السماء
ايقاع الشتاء يتناغم مع ايقاع الربيع
كبربق الضوء المنبعث من نجم السماء

شاطئ البحر تزينه
الاصداف المتناترة بين حبات الرمال
بلون الكرمل والبنفسج
(كأورورا بورياليس (الشفق القطب الشمالي
اقدامنا وكفوف ايدينا العارية والمتمردة
تتذوق برودة الموجات المنعشة
و سر التناسق بين ايقاع الفصول..

translation suggested by Jouna Jou